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Thread: IP addresses.

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    IP addresses.


    Found this today:

    Learn Or Die.

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    Heard it on the news today as well. According to the report, the new IPv6 is supposed to have an infinite number of potential addresses.


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    An undecillion addresses now.

    I never heard that word before but it means a lot .

    Learn Or Die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodmann View Post
    An undecillion addresses now.

    I never heard that word before but it means a lot .

    Yep, that's really huge. It's 3.4 * 10^38 (which is 340 Sextillions in the European system). It will last out the winter, won't it?
    I've found something which makes me not looking forward to IPv6 as the only standard:

    We all know, whatever can be misused, will be misused.
    I suppose the next generation of PCs will also incorporate a unique part in the address, so everyone with an ISP contract can be tracked easily.
    Argh, I should take my medication, paranoia is breaking through.

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    They says on french newspaper (Le Figaro, Saturday) that if the IPv4 address pool was a Golf ball, the IPv6 pool would be like the Sun.

    I like these "wow" analogy.
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    Along this line I saw Ray Kurzweil's presentation(s) on the 'event horizon' that our technology is dragging us towards..The human mind needs to be able to adapt and comprehend the 'scores of useless' features and updates and endless 'flow' of information that assaults our structure on a daily basis...(this was the premise). He said that by 2045 we 'will' have to join our machine brethren and give up what we have been naturally given in 'some' part.. I hope IPV6 can handle the human mind until then.. But I doubt that..

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    A publicly routable IP to my brain?...that's scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pHi1t3r View Post
    A publicly routable IP to my brain?...that's scary.
    Getting hacked would make for an interesting day...

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Get ready, Don.

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