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Thread: Reverser's Playing Cards

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    Reverser's Playing Cards

    Off topic? Yeah sort of..

    I was playing PySolFC, a GPL project of some 200 solitaire games, and I noticed they had a card set called Hex a Deck, pictured below. There are some 68 cards in the deck (4 jokers), and obviously for most games it only uses up to 0x0D (King).

    Name:  HexCards.png
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    Then I got curious and wondered if there was a real hexadecimal pack of playing cards available somewhere. Would make an interesting novelty item for a game of poker with your programming buddies.

    So, let's call this one of our semi-irregular searching challenges...can you find a set of regular playing cards in hex notation anywhere on the net?

    I couldn't find any, but I did find an interesting idea in using hexadecimal as a way of remembering which cards have been dealt from the pack when playing a game. Maybe something to work on before hitting the casinos

    Programmer's way of remembering playing cards

    FWIW, I only play FreeCell solitaire because I'm a weenie and it's almost impossible to lose at it...

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    Would have to be custum ordered or embossed ;) for the custom order..

    As for the custom embossed version..I might be able to make you one..if you can read braille..
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    Custom made, hmm, that seems like bending the rules of a search challenge.. nothing existing?

    Thanks for the braille offer, sounds like a marked deck though. How about one tagged with invisible ink on the back that can only be seen with special glasses

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    I found this:

    I will keep looking.

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