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Thread: Hello to oldies

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    Question Hello to oldies

    Hi all,

    Some of you might remember me from a long time ago (we're talking 10 years maybe).
    Its great to see these forums are still going strong, and I already see a couple of familiar names from times gone by (Hi Disavowed and Kayaker :-)

    Im hoping someone can help put me in touch with a few old friends....

    Accz (from Greece)
    Fresh (from Israel)

    If you know either, please can you ask them to get in touch, as it would be great to catch up.

    Thanks. I know its not the right forum, but the Newbie forum didnt really seem appropriate

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi Carpathia ,

    Damn nice to see you poking around in here.

    Both the names you are looking for are not members here BUT,
    You never know, they could be lurkers .

    Learn Or Die.

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    Well I'll be darned... Greetings Carpathia!

    I'm really pleased that it's "you", because I'm the one who OK'd your registration earlier. To try to prevent spam I sometimes enable the forum option that all new registrations need to be approved by an administrator. When I saw your nickname I was disappointed that someone new might be using your old "nick", but it's now associated back with it's rightful owner, that's great. It's nice to see an old member back

    Every once in a while we talk about the good 'ol days, i.e.

    Hey, remember this? As I wrote in the above thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kayaker
    Carpathia tried to breath some life back into the scene with the RE Knowledge Mailing List
    REKML was a valiant idea that unfortunately died like so many others by lack of contributions (I did my part).
    Surprisingly it's still online.

    Oh yeah, and I think disa had a question for you in that 2007 thread as well...

    Quote Originally Posted by disavowed
    Also, anyone know WTF happened to Carpathia? I used to be good friends with him back in the day when I used to frequent #c4n. Did he fall off the face of the planet or just change his handle?

    Yep, this place is still going strong. Woodmann has graciously provided us with a home for years so we can keep the knowledge alive and tools available, with nice new innovations like the Collaborative RCE Libraries, dELTA's brainchild, while still preserving the past from the +Fravia era. There's no obvious link to this, but if you're feeling nostalgic you probably remember this too..

    I certainly hope you hang around now that you've found us again..


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    One word for you Carp for both of these guys.


    I'll dig through some of my old IRC logs for dates but I have a feeling its 06 since I saw either of them.

    Cheers, CrackZ.

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    Welcome back Carpathia!

    Nice to come back on good "old" woodmann forum and see good "old" people!

    Regards from another lurker evilcry (Repository)

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    As Above


    Love your sig.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Carpie, welcome back! If you're looking to get back in touch with other veterans from the community, I may be able to put you in touch. Feel free to private-message me through the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackZ View Post
    One word for you Carp for both of these guys.


    I'll dig through some of my old IRC logs for dates but I have a feeling its 06 since I saw either of them.

    Cheers, CrackZ.
    I doubt it is Army..
    In Israel you do 3 years service, Carp talk about people who are 'oldies', so my guess that (Fresh) is buried with the Israeli day-to-day survival of the fittest
    "knowledge is now free at last, everything should be free from now on, enjoy knowledge and life and never work for everybody else"

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    Greetings Carpathia! Good to see you around here again. Some of us oldies lurk here and find that the RCE is still going strong; thanks to a few dedicated reversers.

    Regards, kugi


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