Hi all,
another fine release from condzero.

Condzero says about this release: "Figured it was time to come out with an update as the old venerable AMDUMPV62 v2.2 was a bit buggy in spots. The new tool should prove more reliable. The old documentation still applies as surprisingly, from my perspective, not much has really changed."

New stuffs are the followings:
  • new noninvasive loader engine to run & dump activemark v6.2x - 6.6x Targets.
  • Drag & drop capability
  • run program from its own folder, no need to copy Amdumpv66 to target folder to run.
  • amdumpv66 will dump activemark v6.2x - v6.6x executables for targets with both delayed and non delayed imports. For targets with non delayed imports, the built-in ARTeam ARImpRec (Import Rebuilder) will automatically fix any imports in the dumped file and append a '_' suffix to the end of the dumped file (i.e. dumped.exe >> dumped_.exe).

You can find the whole package here: