I'm working with FlexLM v7.0c..

Thanks to CrackZ for the SDK and the site for continuing to host the papers on flexlm, I was able to get as far as generating a license for specific features I need.

Where I'm stuck is understanding exactly what info the target app is looking for within the license. What I mean is, If I generate a workstation / locked node (host Id=disk_serial_num), I can see that the status of the application changes from "demo" to "registered" but I get an error displayed in the about->help box:
running in demo mode(-8) Single User License, DISK xxx, registered
If I create a node license without a host id, I get error -21..

Anyhow, I'm not exactly sure how to go about fixing this problem.
Google et all seemingly dont give a whole lot of info on this from an RE side of the fence. Has anyone else ran into this?