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Thread: FlexLM Error -8

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    FlexLM Error -8

    I'm working with FlexLM v7.0c..

    Thanks to CrackZ for the SDK and the site for continuing to host the papers on flexlm, I was able to get as far as generating a license for specific features I need.

    Where I'm stuck is understanding exactly what info the target app is looking for within the license. What I mean is, If I generate a workstation / locked node (host Id=disk_serial_num), I can see that the status of the application changes from "demo" to "registered" but I get an error displayed in the about->help box:
    running in demo mode(-8) Single User License, DISK xxx, registered
    If I create a node license without a host id, I get error -21..

    Anyhow, I'm not exactly sure how to go about fixing this problem.
    Google et all seemingly dont give a whole lot of info on this from an RE side of the fence. Has anyone else ran into this?

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    I'm hoping you can identify lc_checkout().

    Can you confirm if the -8 and/or -21 error is coming from lc_checkout()?. Both of these have a definitive meaning in FLEXlm so first thing to find out is if this is a FLEXlm error code or an application specific one.

    Regards, CrackZ.

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    Yeah, its surely coming from lc_checkout.

    I think my seeds are correct but perhaps the vendor codes are not.. still digging into this to understand where I went wrong.

    Funny though, if EAX==0 when returning from lc_checkout, my target app doesn't complain about demo or -8 error.
    There is soo much about this that I clearly do not understand yet.

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    Following Pilgrim's essay "PC-Based License.."

    Everything basically goes okay up until step 6 (Finding the key5 & seeds 1 & 2)

    I'm pretty sure that I've got the basic idea down, anyone mind taking a look at the target app and confirm my findings? I believe the seeds and vendor keys are correct - perhaps I'm just failing to generate the license w/ feature correctly.

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    Heres what I found on a quick search.
    FLEXlm error: -8 Invalid (inconsistent) license key.
    This usually happens when a license file has been altered.
    Like the license key and data for the FEATURE do not match. Maybe you have the wrong FEATURE name.

    FLEXlm error: -21 License file does not support this version.
    The version requested is greater than the highest version supported in the license file FEATURE line.

    Damn IPhones: Sorry about that hwnd, I didn't see post #4
    CrackZ is 100% right you don't or didn't have the correct seeds.
    (My mistake) I was assumed you were using LMKG to generate your Vendor Key info. So on the fist look I thought there was no way you had Vendor info wrong maybe you XORD wrong or didn't know feature of version info .
    But after reading things went wrong in step 6 I'm 100% sure you didn't have venoder key 5 right which gave you the wrong seeds.
    PS. Glad to see you figured it out...
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    I'll lay you good odds the following:

    -8 is incorrect seeds.
    & the -21, what kind of license are you generating, SIGN=maybe?.

    Regards, CrackZ.

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    I believe you're bang on!
    One hangup I'm having is working with the 7.0 version and using the 6.1+ tutorials.

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    I figured it out, thanks for all the info on CrackZ's page and this forum.

    Here is my final lm_code.h

    #define ENCRYPTION_SEED1 0x52A1EFB3
    #define ENCRYPTION_SEED2 0x8959E16B
    #define VENDOR_KEY1 0x920733F2
    #define VENDOR_KEY2 0xD55A945E
    #define VENDOR_KEY3 0xFC9A807B
    #define VENDOR_KEY4 0xBCDFF9A5
    #define VENDOR_KEY5 0x2C44EEE8
    #define VENDOR_NAME "" // removed per forum rules
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    Those seeds look like a range of C++ compilers me thinks ;-).

    Regards, CrackZ.

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    Yup! for the HC16. Good memory! :-)

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    Those seeds and vendor keys don't look like the ones I found if I understand which unmentioned vendor name was being used. The company used several different names depending on which OS hosted their tools.

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