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Thread: OllyDbg 2.01 intermediate alpha

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    Thumbs up OllyDbg 2.01 intermediate alpha

    Although declared alpha, this is a debugged and fully functional version. It implements about 40% of my plans for 2.01, among them:

    - Ported to UNICODE. Multilanguage support for ASCII apps in modern Windows is practically non-existing, and I got tired bypassing all such incompatibilities. This step means that version 2 will not work on Windows 95 and 98. Anybody cares?..
    - Source debugging is here again, a bit incomplete. It supports only Microsoft compilers via dbghelp.dll. New is support for symbol server, stack walking using dbghelp and names of procedure parameters.
    - Debugging of standalone DLLs, in my opinion significantly better than before. It even measures call duration with sub-microsecond resolution (good for profiling) and saves contents of dumps between sessions!
    - Many small improvements, like pause only on selected module(s), breakpoints on all intermodular calls, automatical closing of dump windows on different process, bugfixes, and more.


    Oh, and yes, soon I will start OllyDbg 64!..
    Very nice step from Oleh

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    Sweet, at last!
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