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Thread: What happened to the server ?

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    What happened to the server ?


    The thread started by Czerno here:

    Got Slash-dotted and subsequently spread around the world quite quickly.

    But our humble server could not handle the popularity and went to a pub or something.

    Be aware that we may have this problem again. I will do my best to stay on top of it.

    Learn Or Die.

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    Actually, it was the CRCEKL entry that resulted from that thread (!) that was Slashdotted, but otherwise it is true indeed.
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    Yesterday we tripled the number of Webalizer "Sites" statistic (number of unique IP addresses/hostnames that made requests to the server)
    .. from ~5000/day to over 15000.. and that was before it hung itself

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    Well that explains it. I've asked Woody to update my information so I can ask the service provider to reboot the server, but that might not have helped, under the circumstances.


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    The reboots continue.

    Learn Or Die.

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