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Thread: TLSCatch An ollydbg plugin to catch Tlscallbacks easily.

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    TLSCatch An ollydbg plugin to catch Tlscallbacks easily.

    This plugin simply intercepts any new module loaded into the current process address space ,searchs it for tlscallbacks and sets a one-shot breakpoint on every callback found.
    It lets the malware analyst catch any tls callback in ollydbg. Just copy the plugin dll into olly plugin directory then fire ollydbg. Tested on ollydbg v1 on windows xp and Vista.

    original article here
    plugin uploaded on google code
    Still working on it to make it catch dynamically added tlscallbacks.

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    Looks nice.


    You are also very welcome to update this CRCETL entry yourself when new versions are released.
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    bp LdrpCallTlsInitializers

    ntdll!ShowSnaps -> TRUE or GF -> FLG_SHOW_LDR_SNAPS. Log:

    "LDR: Tls Callbacks Found. Imagebase %p Tls %p CallBacks %p",LF,""

    "LDR: Calling Tls Callback Imagebase %p Function %p",LF,""

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