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Thread: Restore Themida/Winlicense VM codes to original x86

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    Smile Restore Themida/Winlicense VM codes to original x86

    Hi, all
    After a long time to reverse oreans vm codes, Now we can restore the oreans VM codes to original x86.
    You just need send us the dump file or the original file protected by code virtualizer which comes from oreans VM product. And tell us the address that you want to get the real x86 codes. We can provide you the original x86 codes' hex data and asm info in a few hours.
    You can paste the hex data into OllyDBG in oreder to debug it. Also can use IDA pro to analyze it. Analyze VM codes become the same to original x86 instrs.

    If you have any question or need help just connect with us.
    MsnID: ***********
    blog 1:
    blog 2:

    And Now we support the test to get your trust.You can complier a vc programm in console module. And must print out "restorevm test" together with other codes
    that you want to test.VM the original x86 codes with CV. Send us the VM file, And we will send you the original x86 asm data.

    If you have any question pls connect with us
    Thanks All.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Also you need to pay some money for the original x86 codes.
    You fail incredibly hard. Deathway already published a tool accomplishing the very same task you offer whilst charging money for it and scherzocrk even published a excessive paper on the topic.

    Come back and decrypt RISC for free and share some knowledge. Otherwise you won't get that much "trust"... -.-

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    How shall I respond to this............

    I dont think you will find many people here
    willing to pay you.
    In fact, they are here to learn.

    So away with your lame cracker for hire ass.

    TA TA
    Learn Or Die.

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