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Thread: PE "Version info" resource format?

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    PE "Version info" resource format?


    I were looking CFF Explorer, and I would like to be able to parse the "Version Info" resource in the same way, so that I can programmatically edit it.

    can someone point me (or detail) to the format of the 'Version Info' resource? it seems a sequence of unicode strings, but there is surely about...

    In other words, if i know its format I am able to move it and add/edit/remove such entries at my will - but i need to know their format.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, Reactos is great for this kind of things.

    "Version Info" is probably a VS_VERSION_INFO_STRUCT32 structure:

    You may need to check the internal logic of the GetFileVersionInfoW API() from the SVN:

    Or a more convenient display of the same function: 0

    Hope it helps.


    BTW you can get version info details using some Windows' APIs like GetVersionInfo(Ex) and the like:

    But you can also update you PE resources using some nifty API, like UpdateResource():
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