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Thread: Calling any contributors for a open source rce project hosted on google.. :]

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    Calling any contributors for a open source rce project hosted on google.. :]

    I have uploaded my code to google and am going to start updates through svn,this will I guess make it easier for me and less 'space' consuming for you.

    All updates made to this thread will be in this post.

    SVN link..

    Change log:
    8/15 added source code..
    8/15 added the dependent dlls so that a somewhat more functionable boomerang,is even closer.
    8/19 got the e cosole and sin32 more integrated into each other...
    8/19 many small modifications to boomerang..

    8/19 updated source on google, also added client source, and updated binaries along with pdb's.. :]

    Known bugs:
    8/19 Help is still incorrect.


    regards BanMe
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