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Thread: Panda Challenge 2010 Edition

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    Panda Challenge 2010 Edition

    well, we'll have to wait until World Cup finish.

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    why he uses the word soccer ?

    I guess we have some time till 11/jul, the last WC match.

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    Please, please, pleeeeeease don't say this word.
    There is no such thing as "soccer"!
    I know, Americans call it soccer - but that hurts.
    The game is called "FOOTBALL" because it's played using the feet. What's your excuse to give this name to a game where some guys carry an egg?

    (mad about football)

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    hmm a game where a guy carries an egg...

    gotta be chuckie egg...

    so what do i win? ;p

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    Or egg and spoon race ..

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    i know it's kind of late, but 1st challenge was out.

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