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Thread: Share your WinDbg links

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    Share your WinDbg links

    Hello fellas,

    Ive taken a recent interest in WinDbg (late to the party much?) I've seen that it has alot of capabilities that alot of people including myself were unaware of, only because its so tied into Microsoft's world and its not-s0-friendly UI has it been overlooked by me. Anyways for those who are some die hard WinDbg users i would like to request some good pages to read up on how to use it and some tricks of the trade, etc.. i have a pretty good collection i've built up but i know that someone always has something better out there, so if you're willing to share it, feel free to right here, thanks.

    I am looking for some good articles on writing some debugger extensions in particular though.


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    That's a good idea. Maybe we could add worthy information to the Collaborative RCE Knowledge Library (CRCEKL), either as individual articles or as a summary of your findings (which we could host here as an individual html page).

    Nynaeve has a lot of WinDbg usage info dispersed throughout his blogs. Either browse his blog

    or the 5 page listing of his blog imports

    He also wrote an SDbgExt extension with additional commands (unfortunately without source).

    Google lists several articles under "writing windbg extensions", but I'm sure you know that


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    That's a good idea, windbg is an "under plugged" debugger, too low amount of plugin written for.

    Also windbg rce should be a great thing (study of windbg itself) (Repository)

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    of course the infamous codeproject is a good place to start

    An awesome paper and source code to an extension written for WinDbg

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    plenty of useful things:
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    An interesting article on using various windbg commands and setting up the environment to use windbg

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    Scott Noone , effective usage of WinDbg :

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