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Thread: Fake Virus Alert

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    Fake Virus Alert

    Does anybody have any info on this Fake virus alert?
    Have searched with google and found nothing -as yet.
    Was surfing using Firefox and got a Virus alert warning from within windows XP ( not from Kaspersky)
    telling me that I had viri that could be stealing personal info and bank details and inviting me to 'Have a free virus scan'. It has the usual dialogue box that you cant exit that points to
    I killed the browser and ran a virus scan - nothing detected. BTW the IP address seems to be a company in Jamacia.

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    Sounds like one of those Antivirus XP type scareware. I have seen some modified versions of that recently, I had to remove it from a friends pc just last week.


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    Unfortunately, this threat is extremely common, and sometimes spread using top-notch malware technology (like TDSS/Alureon for example).
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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