On this day, more than two years after the release of our first collaborative library (the much successful Collaborative RCE Tool Library), we are very happy to present to you all, the ultimate RCE reference library:

The Collaborative RCE Knowledge Library:

It is based on the very same efficient model as the collaborative tool library (although even further improved and evolved), but instead of tools, rather containing, cataloguing and archiving pure RCE knowledge, i.e. the distilled form of the highly precious stuff that is scattered all over the thousands and yet thousands of threads here in the RCE Forums (and other parts of the web)!

More specifically, it contains articles, crackmes, tutorials and finally so called "tidbits" (see below, which, as you know, are the main forms of preserving and conveying RCE knowledge. By means of these knowledge types, it is meant to cover all sub-fields within the field of RCE, and its goal is to eventually contain (copies of or references to) every qualitative piece of work existing within this entire field!

(A "tidbit" is a small but useful piece of information, perhaps picked up in a forum thread or blog post. An example of it can be seen e.g. here.)

Why not just use google when you're looking for some knowledge then, you say? Well, there are two main problems with this, which you are probably quite painfully well aware of. First of all, when the amount of works/texts/posts/whatever to search through becomes too big, sifting through the search results to find the best of them becomes increasingly more hard, and in the end, more or less impossible. Second of all, formulating your search terms can be very hard when looking for something you know little about. Thus, the hierarchical categorization design of the collaborative libraries, its infinite levels of sub-categories and multi-category membership, combined with the built in rating system, implicit quality filter based on people only submitting what they think is good, and explicit (after-the-fact wiki style) quality filter based on our moderation of the library does an incredible job to bring out the most high quality knowledge within all parts of the RCE field to your fingertips, no matter what you're looking for!

The Collaborative RCE Knowledge Library (CRCEKL) aims to be practically the Wikipedia of RCE, but with the further important improvement of our own now tried and true Collaborative Library model, in order to keep it from being just another increasingly disorganized RCE wiki, eventually being crushed under its own weight and abandoned.

Just as with the Collaborative RCE Tool Library, categories will be added as needed, both on the top level and and in the form of refining sub-categories of the existing ones, as soon as the number of items in any category gets too high and they need to be sub-categorized further to be easily navigable.

We (mostly Silkut actually, big thanks to him!) have given it a starting population consisting of a little more than 100 high quality articles and tutorials, but there are of course vast amounts of more knowledge to be added, e.g. by all you people!

So, welcome to this new library dear reversers, and may it become at least as successful as the Collaborative RCE Tool Library, with your help!

Now please remember to use it as your personal notebook as soon as you find a useful article link or read some useful fact here in our forums (or elsewhere) that makes you think "damn, I really must remember that for the next time I need it!"! Then just simply add it to the CRCEKL, and you (and everyone else!) will be able to find it in seconds the next time you need it!

More information is available in the library itself, so why not take a look at it right away and see what you think!