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Thread: Label Data location in Olly

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    Label Data location in Olly


    In olly it is possible to mark a code location with a label for ex.,

    call 10001234


    call <here is the original oep>

    is there any way to mark data location for ex,

    mov eax, dword ptr ds:[10001111]

    mov eax,<contains handle for createmutex>

    any plugins or options with in olly??

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    Label data

    by my mind it's possilble:
    1. load Ollydbg itself
    2. from 401012 context menu Follow in Dump | Memory address
    3. from 004B11DB context menu Edit label

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    @prn: I am using olly debug 1.10, i can see the options u mentioned in 2.0 but not in 1.10, is there any way to do this in 1.10 ? the example u have given is this from 2.0 or 1.x??

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    This sample was tested with OllyDbg 2.00k (final beta). Sorry, I don't know solution with OllyDbg 1.10 (I tried plugins Labeler and Labelmaster without success)

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    thanks man, labeler worked for me
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    Great! In the end Labeler works for me too.

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    It's possible in 1.10 without using any plugins with exactly the options prn mentioned. Weird you cannot find these options in the menus, you could try the shortcut ":" instead (without quotes).

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    Super!! It works in version 1.10 too. I don't understand what I did wrong before :-(

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