Hi fellow members,

I am a newbie in cracking and and trying license generation using wlscgen.exe.

I have used mayaputras tutorial to create a new account in wlscgen and am trying to patch the vendor ID in the exe. (BTW the vendor ID is 4EB7).

i am unable to get VLM_morphId(C04AE35D) (which is calculated for my vendor ID) and cannot patch code in wdasm32.

1. Load Wlscgen.exe into W32Dasm.
2. At the Entry Point, patch the code to :

:0045D530 68EAAD4AC0 push C04AADEA
:0045D535 E800FFFDFF call 0043D43A <-- _VLM_morphId()

If someone guide me how to patch the vendor ID in wlscgen i will be very greatful!

Thanks to all ppl for a great forum.