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Thread: Problem debugging DirectX application

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    Wink Problem debugging DirectX application

    I'm debuggin a fullscreen DirectX game (there is no option to run in windowed mode), but when a breakpoint is hit, the game simply freezes and doesn't return properly to IDA PRO debugger. The keyboard doesn't work and I have to press ctrl+alt+del to go back to my desktop, and after then it is the mouse that doesn't work and the mouse pointer in the desktop is still the icon from the game itself. It's bad debugging just with the keyboard and the desktop all messed up.

    Is there something I can do for a DX application to return properly to the debugger when a breakpoint is hit?
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    Try and google for DXWND. Its a program that will windows full screen directx Apps/games.

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    _genuine showed you the path, however searching this forum could help...
    My wanderings on the subject:
    Silver's DirectX Crackme (also check the nice tutorial that TheColonial redacted).
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    There is remote debugger in Ida Pro. All you need is another pc and tcpip connection.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Silkut: that was excellent. Much better than I hoped for. Thank you.

    I managed to patch the file and make it run in windowed mode following this colonial guy tutorial, very good tutorial if you ask.

    _genuine: DxWnd doesn't work with all games, in this particular one, the mouse doesn't work.

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