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Thread: MBR worm

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    MBR worm

    few days ago eset security guys apparently have found a kinda interesting worm, overwriting mbr as its payload; the full story is here:

    I spent the last 3 hours searching for a sample, but no success; I know that tools request is forbidden here, but since this is NOT a tool, so I thought I can post a request for sample (that zipsetup.exe file); must be very interesting for analysis ;


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    I'm interested in the sample too.

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    on the source site of the worm ( this message has been posted:
    PHP Code:
    Máte záujem o zdrojový kod vírusukontaktujte tvorcuMPSOFTLM.SK

    Dakujeme tvorcovi vírusu za popularizáciu našej web stránky

    google translation:
    PHP Code:
    Are you interested in the source code of the viruscontact the creatorMPSOFTLM.SK

    Thank the maker of virus dissemination of our site

    I couldn't find any address to this guy MPSOFTLM.SK, anyone else has tried this?

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