Hey everyone,
I've been trying to unpack an app that uses Xenocode, one of the problems i've faced is that fact that I couldn't figure out it was using Xenocode at all until I asked a friend to help out. His answer to how he got it: "Talent". If anyone could help me out on determining how he knew this app was using Xenocode that would be great. I've tried using regular scanning tools like PEiD but nothing.

Next is to unpack the app using Xenocode, the method I was trying to use is to go in and follow a tut by (ronchong I think his name was). I also looked around for other methods but couldn't find anything.
Again, asking my friend. He simply pasted some code and told me to "use it" which I messed around with until it actually was able to unpack.
Has this method been used before as in a usual method or something unheard of?
You can view the code at:

If it wasn't for getting this info from him, I would have been debugging a packed app.
Any help would be great.