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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all of you, wherever you are.
    The best New Year resolution may be: Keep on reversing and getting better(at least, that's what I want to do)! )

    Best regards

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    Bonne année 2010
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Best wishes to all of you in the new year .

    Learn Or Die.

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    Same to all of you too.

    It was really a GOOD new year... I mean, how could it NOT be after finding out that IDA 5.5 ahd Hexrays 1.1 got released (with embedded keygens so to say), heh!

    Wishing well to everyone here. Have a great time and a very happy, prosperous, cracking (ah!) new year 2010.

    Have Phun,
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Yep, have a good one people.
    "Give a man a quote from the FAQ, and he'll ignore it. Print the FAQ, shove it up his ass, kick him in the balls, DDoS his ass and kick/ban him, and the point usually gets through eventually."

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    *Happy New Year to all of you, wherever you are.

    I'm in mars! ,Happy New and Reversing Year!

    Reverse the code,Reverse Your Minds First

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    HaveAGood(2009++); (Repository)

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    Happy new year++ 2010 @all
    ~ Destination is there,but a little step to reach ~

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    So long 2009 and thanks for all the fish.
    ...wait did I say that last year? meh! Anyways, Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    I've waited for someone else to point it out, but seems it's been missed.
    Happy MMX guys.
    Eyes to see...what the others see not
    Ears to hear...the voice of the elders guides
    Eyes to see...and the blind, they wither away
    You fools! These eyes are never for you

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    Wasnt that also a crappy processor from a long time ago?
    Learn Or Die.

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    I don't remember that one - and gawd knows I should - being the eldest here lately JMI wake up and have a happy!!!! Includes everyone else!

    Grampy II - just realized I'm VIX - kinda kewl
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    Unemployed old fart Geek - Self Employed Annoyance
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    If someone can't do it for you, you'll never learn!

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    I'm awake. And I'm just a few days short of LXIV

    And what the heck is the VIX anyway?? Google says it is an incorrect notation for 14, which would be XIV. Or, although not correct, we could subtract six from ten, leaving four???


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    Or LIX ?
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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