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Thread: Bad Net Opcodes Finder V0.5 - by whoknows

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    Wink Bad Net Opcodes Finder V0.5 - by whoknows

    A tool used to fix a nasty anti-decompiler trick, the trick is based on using invalid opcodes to make the decompilation process impossible with tools like Reflector.

    so you can use this tool to kill these nasty invalid opcodes and see the code again in Reflector, You will find a small video which explains how to use this tool.
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    So we've reached THAT point have we? Back in '85 we used to unblitz compiled BASIC programs on the C-64, and the programmers figured out that they could put garbage in their compiled image (over useless code no doubt), and that would kill the decompilers. I figured out that you could just change those garbage opcodes to 00's, and the decompiler would skip them.

    And that's how I decompiled Ivory Joe's BBS program 6485.

    Anyway, Thanks for this tool! It should make a lot of lives easier.

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