I have read your tutorial about Winzip Self Extractor v2.1
And I canít wiev the real serial No in the end of the tutorial.
When i come to the last line by pressing F10-key it said for me.
00408C(17) 6810C64200 push 0042C610 you have
00108C(77) 6810C64200 push 0042C610
that is not exactly same as you got if it matters i donít know.
data window change, when I type d eax at that line in softice, but in my point of wiev it was not what i expected
to find. (a serial.)in vide format.what did I see, encrypt form of the serial. Or something else what?
What can I do to make softice show me the right serial. If softice display it in some code,
How can i decode it.
I have using softice v3,23 and have windows 95osr2 in my computer