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Thread: How did this forum start-up?

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    How did this forum start-up?

    Wasn't the Ollydbg Support Forum elsewhere? I remember it was at

    How did it get here? Just curious...
    comrade (;

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    Privyet comrade, nice to see you still around

    Yes you're right, that was the original forum when it was hosted by win32asm, and I think it was somewhere else before that. At some point when its future was in jeopardy, Woodmann offered to host it and the full database came here, with the blessings of TBD and Oleh.

    We imported the original database into our forums, and the rest is history as they say. Before importing it I cleaned up the database a bit, deleting unhelpful posts with 0 replies and useless crack requests, of which there were quite a few. I then made a separate CHM file of the original posts for posterity. All those posts are still here in the restructured forum, but if interested in what the "original" Olly forums looked like here is the CHM file:


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