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Thread: inetinfo.exe crash

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    inetinfo.exe crash

    hi every1. i have a question about iis FTP bug that occure when name of path be very long. i use Immunity for find return address . attache inetinfo.exe and run it with f9. but when i want to run exploit from other host nothing happens.
    when i don't attach inetinfo.exe exploit works .
    how can i see runtime process of inetinfo.exe?

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    Try setting your debugger as the JIT debugger ( and run inetinfo.exe without a debugger. When it crashes, your configured debugger should pop up.

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    i use windbg for reverse this exploit. i attach inetinfo.exe, get INT 3(ntdll!DbgBreakPoint) .
    i use (g) command for run it but windbg suspend in busy mode.
    i'm in mistake?

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    NMI, if I understand you correctly, you're saying that after pressing "g", WinDBG seems "Busy". This is normal -- inetinfo.exe is executing and WinDBG can't do anything. Inetinfo will either have to break into the debugger, or you can use "pause" in WinDBG to pause execution and start analysis/debugging of the executable.

    Hope I understood you right...
    Best regards,
    Alex Ionescu

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