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Thread: I'm insane......I'm gonna try win7.

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    I'm insane......I'm gonna try win7.

    It's true.........

    I just need to know.....for no other reason than to see how it works with this box which is only 3 months old. (Dell built inspiron).

    One would think that a 3 month old box will be able to handle win7.
    Now I will find out.

    Anyone else have thoughts about win7 ?


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    Nothing solid yet, but I just loaded it into a VPC2007 VM a couple days ago.

    The install seemed to take longer than I would have expected, but its been a while since I've actually clean installed an MS OS into a VM.

    The host is my Lenovo W500 ThinkPad which handles XP VMs without much effort at all.

    I'm going to spend some time inside the VM (networking disabled) figuring out how many new phone home features Uncle Bill has added to his latest beast before I consider loading it on to anything real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodmann View Post
    Anyone else have thoughts about win7 ?
    One pleasant surprise, if it's true, is that a Win 7 premium upgrade here in Canada is only $114 at Future Shop. I paid significantly more for XP many years ago.

    I notice the pro and ultimate editions offer an XP compatibility, whatever that means. Does that mean it might run softice, with or without persuasion?

    Anyone know if the Vista loaded with a laptop is upgradable?
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    Maybe my experience does not count for much but I think: Just superb!

    BEST OS from the M$ stable so far (after XP, of course). Beats Vista by a mile...

    Have Phun
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    Aimless+1, been running it at work as presentation for 5 months, using it on my 5yo computer since two months (thx MSDN).
    In France there is a student offer: 35€, but it's Home premium only, I prefer Pro.
    Please consider donating to help staying online (here is why).
    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
    BEST OS from the M$ stable so far (after XP, of course). Beats Vista by a mile...
    We'll see, but I have always felt W2K Pro was "the best" when it came to stability.

    Funny too, the latest round of Mac commercials seem to skip it in their walk down memory lane of MS OS bashing.

    One thing that isn't clear to me yet is interoperability between 32 and 64 bit OS and drivers. I have an older Epson scanner that I don't care to get rid of, but Epson only has 32 bit TWAIN drivers available for download.

    Anyone know?

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    Haven't installed it yet, but Windows 7 has something called XP Mode, which is supposedly designed to permit the running of "legacy" products." It's a two step process of running VictualPC inside the machine and then the Legacy product. To use it requires hardware virtualization support from your CPU. Also have not checked if it will run a 32 bit Legacy product on a 64 bit box, but there is quite a bit of information on the net about it, so you should be able to check.


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    It's been running for an hour and so far I like it, a lot.

    It's as fast as XP and so far no problems installing my favorite progs except Zone Alarm which balked so screw them I switched to Comodo.

    I have the Home version so I dont have a lot of the things included in Pro.
    But the home version does come either 32 or 64 so thats good.
    So far I have not needed any Dell drivers, big surprise there. I was sure I would have needed the Dell Vista drivers. DVD/CD support has been no problem along with all the other drivers so, as far as putting 7 on a new box, smooooooth.

    The one funny thing is that it said it wouldnt upgrade XP without some help yet when I installed it when choosing custom it saved all the old xp files. Errrrrrrrrrrr.......I didnt want them, thats the reason why I didnt choose upgrade.

    The install SEEMS slow but its not that bad. Everything works in the background so I didnt need to sit here and click shit while it installed. It just installed.

    The Vista type workings are a pain in the ass but I understand the reasons for making it this way, most people need their box to tell them what to do.

    After 1 hour with Vista I had a Knoppix live disc in the drive.
    I think I try this 7 a bit longer .


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    Hands down, Windows 7 is the best so far from Microsoft.

    I tried the RC's and preordered it long ago.
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    All University of California schools are giving out free copies so I snagged one. However, I've been loathe to make the change since I'm so used to reversing on Vista. Will see next time I infect myself with something nasty. Which should be, hmmm, this Saturday.

    I really should start using VMWare more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rendari View Post
    All University of California schools are giving out free copies.
    Wow You are getting it for free. I wish I live there. Anyway, I will be getting my copy next week.

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    Will see next time I infect myself with something nasty. Which should be, hmmm, this Saturday.

    I really should start using VMWare more often.
    I understand fully .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodmann View Post
    It's as fast as XP and so far no problems installing my favorite progs except Zone Alarm which balked so screw them I switched to Comodo.
    I was researching as to why sygate wont run on Vista or win 7. It seems the winsock was changed in those OS's, and since ZA and sygate are dependent on the winsock code, that is probably why they wont work. I find Comodo to be a decent replacement and the windows firewall now apparently has a configurable outgoing protection, when it is turned on. Of course, Msoft does not tell you it comes turned off.

    I am surprised at how many older apps actually run on Vista and W7. The trick with some of them is to adjust the permissions to let the apps run. There is also a procedure to make them run msi files.

    w7 has scrapped the classic start menu but there are ways to turn off the garbage that clutters the new start menu, like recently run apps. You can also switch the control panel and start menu to menu driven systems rather than the icons Bill seems to prefer.

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    I give it my vote, biggest bitch is if you buy Pro and have a Vista Home Premium - it wipes out everything - doesn't remove the progs, just need to reinstall to get them in the registry - Olly 1.x wont work in my 64 bit machine but there will be a plug-in eventually - all in all it's the best yet. Read an article that it installed in a old Pentium with 1 Gig Ram - no problem, and this guy hates M$.

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    Nice to know that happens on vista Sig,

    I thought because I was going from Xp to 7 it didnt know what to do.

    I spent the time to save all the stuff I wanted only to find it was still there.

    So everyone understands, when installing 7 it will save all your old files.
    The progs may not work but all the files will be accessible under the windowsold directory.

    So if you want to start with a clean box you will need to clean it yourself before you install 7.


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