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    MUltimate Assembler

    MUltimate Assembler v1.2


    Here is a multiline (dis)assembler, which supports labels and data (C-style string).
    A perfect tool for writing code caves and stuff.

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    looks very interesting and useful

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    Your assembler is quite nice, but I usually use NASM or FASM for writing patches longer than a few lines and adjust the offsets afterwards. I also like these two to patch old programs since Ollydbg doesnīt support 16 Bit instructions.
    MASM sucks for writing patches since itīs to much a HLL and always outputs a .exe

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    I use Olly or Visual C to write code.
    That's why I wrote this plugin - inserting one command in the middle can take a long time with Olly.

    And Visual C, with some tricks of inline asm and LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress stuff, allows you to write nifty functions, which can be easily ripped off the exe to another place, without the need for fixes. Quite handy for shellcodes.

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    Updated to version 0.3!

    What's new:
    - Disassembles external jumps and calls.
    - Added an options dialog.
    - Fixes a couple of crashes.

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