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    Unhappy Ollydbg

    Is there any way to make olly faster, usually my olly is quite slow while running target and also on opening it open very slowly. I heard about the modification of olly and i also did that as shown in snd forum but those are mostly based on hiding olly but i want to make it load faster, is there any way to do it.

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    It sounds more like you've got a firewall, AV or some other cpu hog app that is slowing it down, or just an old system. Try defragmenting your HD. Don't load any plugins other than those you need.

    Olly shouldn't be *that* slow to load really, unless you've got a huge target. You could try Immunity Debugger or Olly 2.0 for comparison.

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    I think might be its system issue, so i will check it again after reinstalling windows.

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    May be its kind of virus chk running process if u c regsvr taking more than 90 percent of cpu usage right click it and select end process tree download and update antivirus and chk the system

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    ah yes, the old regsvr-taking-more-than-90-percent-of-cpu-usage virus.. that's likely the culprit

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    Haha Disa.

    Anyway, doesn't have anything to do with this?
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