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Thread: The Binary Auditor™ at

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    The Binary Auditor™ at

    Well this is very impressive Zero!

    The Binary Auditor™ provides with a high sophisticated training trail an ultimate way to show your proven excellence in the field of Reverse Code Engineering and Binary Auditing™ in various IT security relevant knowledge domains to address the many challenges of software protection, malware, or exploitation analysis. Participants get trained with relevant standards, procedures, and methods of Binary Auditing™ and get trained with high practical background. With successful training participants are able to fulfill extensive binary security analysis and binary auditing processes on software systems, copy protections, or malware.

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    also nice one among many other projects he has initiated. But hopefully is not loosing control of all of his projects, while creating one by another.

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    I like it .


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    ehh i wanted to post it soo.. but i was just w8 that will updated more

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    Nice site

    i was about to post this one too
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    and in case anyone is wondering, no, that's not a photo of thorsten. it's from

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    Dont listen to him.....

    That is indeed a photo of the good Dr.TS.

    He used to be in the HA. I know because I saw him wearing his colors one time in Montreal.


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    eh since I am unable to afford any of the cognitive core stuff(iitac) this is a excellent alteritive..finally a dedicated free way to learn some of the stuff I have already scratched the surface of..and get a more indepth understanding..I suggest everyone hit this with all they have got.
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    Forget about any company relation of this project. This is university driven, free for all to use, with no ads (not now and not in future). This is a non-profit fun project.

    If you are at a beginner stage take the material to learn, if you are more professional have a look at the upcoming audit challenges. Solutions will come step by step as time comes.

    And I do not comment the discussion about the photo
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    Truely Awesome!

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