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Thread: Hook remote process.

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    Cool Hook remote process.

    Is there a way to suspend a remote process from my local process when the remote process calls some API.

    I must find a way to start a new process and make it break on "_CorExeMain" or "_CorDllMain" which

    represent the entrypoints for any .NET PE file.

    I've been doing much research on API hooking and Code Injection.

    but I wanna see what you guys know about it.

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    not unless you can maintain code inside some area of a newly created process through injection or w/ can the idea you are trying to accomplish be realized.. .Net isn't really my thing but I bet taking the same approach that I am with Sin32 in a more targeted .net apps way could accomplish this task..

    Other Idea's include Creating a process suspended and writing a int3 to those locations you mentioned and registering a JIT debugger that handles the other tasks needed to be accomplished.
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    Thanks for the tip...

    I already tried what you suggested and it seems .NET modules have a problem with INT3

    anyway breaking on startup seems useless now and I will be satisfied with DLL injection after the injectee is fully loaded.

    Here is a snippet of how I coded the injection code.

            'DLL to Load into process
            Dim DllName As String = "D:\My Documents\Delphi\DLL\Project1.dll"
            'Allocate memory for the DLL name in the remote process (VirtualAllocEx). 
            Dim Ret As Int32 = VirtualAllocEx(Pinfo.hProcess, 0, DllName.Length + 1, &H1000, &H40)
            'Write the DLL name, including full path, to the allocated memory (WriteProcessMemory). 
            Dim Length As Int32
            WriteProcessMemory(Pinfo.hProcess, Ret, StringToHGlobalAnsi(DllName), DllName.Length + 1, Length)
            'Map your DLL to the remote process via CreateRemoteThread & LoadLibrary. 
            hThread = CreateRemoteThread(Pinfo.hProcess, IntPtr.Zero, 0, GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary("kernel32.dll"), "LoadLibraryA"), Ret, 0, 0)

    All I have to do is finish the DLL now.
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