Hi all
I don't know that you have ever tried to use directx 10 or not,but probably alll of you know that directx 10 has not been released for windows xp and it seems micro$oft has released it only for vista.
directx 10 has much better performance than directx 9,so a lot of poeple want to have it on windows xp too,so some group of people has released some versions(like directx 10 NE or LE) for windows xp,but these versions are not very stable.
When you install lastest package for offline directx installer from microsoft on windows XP,directx 10 dlls will be available on computer too,but somehow they will not work on windows xp.
anybody knows how these dlls are not working in windows xp?is this only a simple os version checking or it is more complex?
is there anybody who has tried to enable directx 10 on windows xp?