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    ERROR Message


    Need a small info. While running a packed application in my olly if i suddenly pause the target. I am continously getting this message. But in other olly like shadow's olly, defixed get pause without any message. I have modified my olly it was working fine just couple of days before but now i am getting this message. I just tried to play with settings of plugin but no clue. I ALSO removed entire plugin folder but still getting this message. Any idea why i am getting this message while pausing.


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    What about .udd files? they should be deleted as well,my 2 cents

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    That's a reasonable question and I'm not trying to force the google pill down your throat, but the first hit on Google for "No response from injected code" (with quotes) is:

    Ya mean searching works?

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    Hi, thanks a lot. I did the search but i used words like exe error injected, olly injected code, something like that but did not got anything related to my issue.

    Anyways thanks

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    Yeah, no problem. It was just an example that going with the simple and obvious search term, even though it seems mundane, often produces unexpectedly good results.

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    Just my nickel, (inflation), maybe setting a hardware breakpoint on an apprpriate instruction before IsDebuggerPresent and patching that out would help.

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