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    Has anyone come across this protection yet? as i am finding very little about it but have a program protected by it.

    SoftwareShield’s IronWrap is a sophisticated protection system SoftwareShield uses to protect your software. IronWrap essentially "wraps" a mini virtual operating system around your software (and optionally, data) like a protective shield. This virtual system may contain a pre-defined license model, logic and customizable User Interface elements to allow the user to interact with the IronWrap system itself. The system combines a multi-dimensional array of methods to protect your product is a highly secure package. Extensive anti-hacking/cracking, code obfuscation, cryptographic machine-binding, tamper-proofing, encryption, compression, intrusion-detection and several secret and proprietary methodologies are used to keep your software safe.

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    Not yet. Whats your verdict about it? You have posted marketing material which is guaranteed to be about 80% lies and exaggeration to make there software look good, but you've not posted anything you have found yourself.

    The way we work here is you post your work first. Don't expect anyone else to do it for you.


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