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Thread: (In My fucked up way Of thinking...)

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    (In My fucked up way Of thinking...)

    I hate pessimist's..people that doubt or dislike what you do with your time..and I Enjoy critiques and critics and in ways I could only I find amusing..and strange..

    but the level of honor and discord has changed us..we are in no way less emperiled described as 'ruining us in' the gospels of old..although I myself Do NOT believe in some 'higher' power but I do believe we all have a higher 'calling' to each other.. that is not the conversation I wish to make..

    now this is no speach or helpful hint or preach to how to live your life and do things..but be forewarned I will not tolerate invariable behavior that is disparitive toward anyone..I will not back down from my opinions and I will activly discuss with anyone about anything.(small little lie somewhere in there..)

    I love philisophy\science\Math\Coding\art\I love to hate myself..that one sucks..but w/e..\I hate to doubt myself...this ones good but, who 'cares'?
    I have problems with this 'world' to..\nature kulls itself and lives on..we are still part of therefore 'what'?we reach a point where we are making and breeding the next generation of feelingless people, and we are scared by these 'killers' that are appearing more frequently around the world. though some thing are still there they are vastly outnumbered (city to country)..minds snap because people dont care enough to notice the solid cracks in the psyche of our youth.. and in how much we require conformance to this system of life "others" have fashioned to meet there likeness so many times that the 'point' is lost in a tyrade of 'caring'..

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    .... I myself Do NOT believe in some 'higher' power but I do believe we all have a higher 'calling' to each other..
    What difference does it make what you believe? Belief is a useless thought, nothing more. Not believing in a higher power does not mean there is none and believing doesn't mean there is one. The only truth is that none of us know.

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    good point..

    no way to prove disprove it..guess we all wait til dec 21,2012 to see the next "test" of the worlds "beliefs"..

    In my opinion there is no other way to do things..Lay it our like it is, put your mind and heart on the table.. if it offends or isn't to the likings of others, they at least know you're a position and can question it or integrate it or even disregards it..,I take a benefit in doing this because I have always done it differently up until a few years ago .. I was highly introverted..internalizing everything,searching for 'reasons' to hate life, It was hard for me to find my voice.. having my first ever 'manic depressive' shutdown fucked me up for a while there..I almost gave up a few times..(ill just say i had a very vivid 'deja vu' moment of dying on a plane..with total recall..2 weeks before i had to take the flight back home) and this effected me drasticly..cause I ended up asking myself 'how will you be remebered?' will you just die in silence never asking for what you want or speaking of what you think.. or will you stand up and say what you feel and why. its a obvious choice for those that are at that "point and live"...

    so take it or leave it.. just like all the other things ..
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