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Thread: Help Decode P-Codes

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    Help Decode P-Codes

    Can any one help me understand below logic.

    001E410C: 04 FLdRfVar var_86
    001E410F: 10 ThisVCallHresult
    001E4114: 6B FLdI2 var_86
    001E4117: 1C BranchF 001E41D6
    001E411A: 21 FLdPrThis
    001E411B: 0F VCallAd
    001E411E: 19 FStAdFunc var_8C
    001E4121: 08 FLdPr var_8C
    001E4124: 61 LateIdLdVar
    001E412B: FC56 CBoolVar
    001E412D: F4 LitI2_Byte: 0 0x0 (False)
    001E412F: C6 EqI2 =
    001E4130: 21 FLdPrThis
    001E4131: 0F VCallAd
    001E4134: 19 FStAdFunc var_A0
    001E4137: 08 FLdPr var_A0
    001E413A: 61 LateIdLdVar
    001E4141: FC22 CI4Var
    001E4143: F5 LitI4: 1 0x1
    001E4148: D1 LtI4 <
    001E4149: C5 OrI4 Or
    001E414A: 21 FLdPrThis
    001E414B: 0F VCallAd
    001E414E: 19 FStAdFunc var_B4
    001E4151: 08 FLdPr var_B4
    001E4154: 61 LateIdLdVar
    001E415B: FC56 CBoolVar
    001E415D: F4 LitI2_Byte: 255 0xFF (True)
    001E415F: C6 EqI2 =
    001E4160: C5 OrI4 Or
    001E4161: 29 FFreeAd: var_8C var_A0 var_B4
    001E416A: 36 FFreeVar var_9C var_B0 var_C4
    001E4173: 1C BranchF 001E41BD
    001E4176: F4 LitI2_Byte: 0 0x0 (False)
    001E4178: 08 FLdPr param_8
    001E417B: 0F VCallAd
    001E417E: 19 FStAdFunc var_8C
    001E4181: 08 FLdPr var_8C
    001E4184: 0D VCallHresult Menu.Set_Enabled()
    001E4189: 1A FFree1Ad var_8C
    001E418C: 27 LitVar_Missing
    001E418F: 27 LitVar_Missing
    001E4192: 27 LitVar_Missing
    001E4195: F5 LitI4: 0 0x0
    001E419A: F5 LitI4: 1804 0x70C
    001E419F: 59 PopTmpLdAdStr var_C8
    001E41A2: 0B ImpAdCallI2 VBLMRTSModule 2.6
    001E41A7: 46 CVarStr var_9C
    001E41AA: 0A ImpAdCallFPR4 MsgBox()
    001E41AF: 36 FFreeVar var_9C var_B0 var_C4 var_108
    001E41BA: 1E Branch 001E41D3
    001E41BD: loc_001E4173
    001E41BD: F4 LitI2_Byte: 255 0xFF (True)
    001E41BF: 08 FLdPr param_8
    001E41C2: 0F VCallAd
    001E41C5: 19 FStAdFunc var_8C
    001E41C8: 08 FLdPr var_8C
    001E41CB: 0D VCallHresult Menu.Set_Enabled()
    001E41D0: 1A FFree1Ad var_8C
    001E41D3: loc_001E41BA
    001E41D3: 1E Branch 001E41EC
    001E41D6: loc_001E4117
    001E41D6: F4 LitI2_Byte: 255 0xFF (True)
    001E41D8: 08 FLdPr param_8
    001E41DB: 0F VCallAd
    001E41DE: 19 FStAdFunc var_8C
    001E41E1: 08 FLdPr var_8C
    001E41E4: 0D VCallHresult Menu.Set_Enabled()
    001E41E9: 1A FFree1Ad var_8C
    001E41EC: loc_001E41D3
    001E41EC: 13 ExitProcHresult

    Some sort of verification is being done within this code. I want to skip this. Can anyone help me.
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    What have you done to help yourself?


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    Woodmann's right, need to learn to use google

    I will throw you a bone however
    Credits goto GPcH

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