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    Smile Small issue

    Sorry if my question is irritating. I am just a noob so just want to ask this simple question while coding in asm usually we get a big list if we use api call
    which is started by a, b, c, d,e etc

    for example:

    I was using exitprocess api but cant see the list is there any help file or reference file is missing in my system

    If yes how to make it work. Because its easy to just get api by using first alphabet instead of remembering entire list

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    if your IDE's Intellisense isn't working, it's a problem with your IDE

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    i am using winasm studio. Is there need to reinstall it? if yes i will check it again.

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    perhaps you should ask your winasm studio question on the winasm studio forum:

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    Thanks Disavowed i got my answer your solutions always work. Great

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