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Thread: Malware creates new thread, how do I follow it?

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    Malware creates new thread, how do I follow it?


    I've got some malware i'm taking apart. It creates about four threads each called svchosts.exe which ARE NOT real svchosts.exe's. They are there own individual processes.

    My problem is, I am trying to trace all the API calls the parent AND child processes are making. However all I can find is applications that will trace the parent process.

    Once the malware parent process creates the new thread/process, the parent stops. Is there an application kind of like strace in linux that offers the "FORK" option to follow forks or new processes created by a parent process in Windows32?

    The main thing it needs to do is follow new processes created by the parent and monitor there API calls.

    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    You could try WinDbg .childdbg (Debug Child Processes)

    There is a similar plugin for Olly, Modified Command Line Plugin by anonymouse. Unfortunately the latest version

    doesn't contain the childdbg option, but it's open source and you could add the modification if desired, which is given here:

    If using Softice you could set a breakpoint on BaseProcessStart and it should break for each new process instance.

    There are probably some other tricks other people use as well.

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