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    Smile Dll source code


    I just need a dll source code in ASM which contain image file. So that i can use my custom images and easily inject that to the exe file. If anyone got the source code in ASM please share


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    Your inability to find these yourself is especially troubling since I sent you the link to the page that hosts tutorials and source code for both of these yesterday in response to your private message (first Google hit for both searches above)

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    And it is even more troubling because attempting to find such things "on your own" before you ask for help is something which is required by our FAQ.

    You are not doing very well at showing that you have made any effort to help yourself, and that, also, is required by our Rules.


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    Yes i read the tutorial but how to insert the specific pic in that dll ..its was not given i need some example over it but thanks for giving ..sorry if i have done any thing wrong. Sorry JMI and sorry disavowed. I tried but i need only info regarding inserting specific pic.

    Sorry again if i did wrong.

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    Why don't you stop using ASM and start using resource editors if all you want to do is add your own pics to the dlls...

    ...Or, maybe I am missing something here?

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    the first google hit for the second link above shows how to embed pictures in a dll

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    Thanks Aimless and disavowed i got it now

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