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Thread: The Feds in my router?

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    Hacked router

    Way too many theories there but yea I think my router was hacked for wiretapping or something of the sort - any idea how to stop this from happening in the future so the RMAed one doesnt get rehacked?
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    I want some more info to start digging on.

    In the mean time, I would lock that rig down, wipe the drive/drives and swap them out. Think about wireless only and NO file swapping.

    That is some nasty shit going on. It reeks of "electronic wire tapping".

    Better safe then sorry.


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    Howdy Woodmann,

    I guess I browsed too many conspiracy and reverse engineering sites back in the day and got infected by something (since July 7, 2005). Certainly no file swapping - I think the rig is okay its just the router that is hacked. There is no real reason I would be targeted by any organization so this whole situation is just bizarre.
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    I will start poking around and see what I can find.

    You wanna come live in the woods?
    If you got money I will throw her out .


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    Hah out in the woods sounds nice after all the craziness goin on here tho I like the city a lot Hehe youll get rid of her that easily huh !
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    What makes you think your router got hacked ? Can you give hw info ?
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    Any amount greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hehe youll get rid of her that easily huh !
    Hmmmmmmm......... how to make this sound like I'm not a prick........

    Ya, I'd get rid of her that quick. It's not like I married her or invested money in her.

    OK, forget the not sounding like a prick part.


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    Is the router wireless?

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    Not to feed the paranoia unnecessarily, but the folks I worked with in my military service could have easily come in to swap out your router directly, if they were of a mind to, and have it still show the original serial number, etc. They wouldn't actually have had to "send' you something, if they were actually concerned that might be detected. Although, sending you something might be easier and somewhat less risky of discovery.


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    can you extract/dump your current router firmware? I'm interested into giving it a look (btw, which model/version/firmware version you have? Have you checked if there are known exploits about)
    Also, often routers has an hidden console mode you access i.e. at :8080 or by wiring it with a interface cable (eventually hidden under some plastic).
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    this sounds to me to be a variant of the dnschanger.glob variety.

    can you goto microsoftupdate? or any of there partner sites.

    if you can't then its time to remove all DNS entries on your router and set it to autoconfig.

    if this fails most routers have a flash update feature included in them, just goto the manufacturer and download the newest one and flash it.

    if this also fails .. junk the router.. :[

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    "at my understands"
    Snatch will not share info, you requested.

    Unpacking Minds!

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    I understand alot of what you say evaluator, but 1/4 of the time..I'm just lost.. :/

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    BanMe, i think evaluator is saying that Snatch still hasn't explained why he thinks his router got hacked.

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    Hey everyone,

    BanMe is learning how to compile eval+++ .

    Snatch, were waiting.......

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