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    Smile String search


    I just trying to edit the url in this software. On opeing its connect to this link

    I just want to change this link of this soft to:

    But i tried to find out the string in string section and also in memory but string is not available. So i thought might be its writing this string on opening in some empty space. i tried to find out that empty space i put the bp on write of this link i got that break point in dll part of the soft. So its not possible to change the url in dll portion. So need some help because i tried from my side now need some guidance how to change this url. I am not posting the soft link because i dont want that anyone should consider it as crack request. If anyone needs the link of the soft let me know. The soft is in visual basic 6.0.

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    Wouldn't it be easier to edit the hosts file ?

    If the software uses IP address in the future to combat this, then create a fake routing entry:

    route add mask

    (assuming doesn't exist on your network of course, but is in your sub-net)

    Use -p to make the route persistent across reboots.
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