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Thread: Smart Card reverse engineering

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    Smart Card reverse engineering

    Holy crap... hardware reverse engineering is soooooooo over my head:

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    Methinks that is over the head of everyone.

    You really have to be determined to do that.


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    holy crazy person o0
    determined damn he's frigin "out of the box" insane.

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    I wonder how long it takes to learn all that stuf... and it certainly doesn't look like a cheap hooby.

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    really cool stuff

    it involves a lot of microelectronics and chip fabrication concepts
    Found in the OpenGL header file for Visual C++ 6: 'typedef GLint int '. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! [Don't get it? You're not a C programmer.]

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    been sometime looking decapping process.

    i thought the acid poisonous, is it? and that person did not wear any mask?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dion View Post
    been sometime looking decapping process.

    i thought the acid poisonous, is it? and that person did not wear any mask?
    Not exactly poisonous, but nasty if you get it in your skin, drink it or inhale quite a bit of its vapors.
    Also, he is doing all his work in a fume hood. There is negative pressure in that hood that sucks air from the room and keep any vapors away from the operator.

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    Couple more links about hardware reversing, very interesting read!

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    interesting indeed. now it's soooooooo over my head and over my budget

    i'm looking of what acid exactly used, but never read it anywhere

    any? very fortunate i'm working at arcade where i can see those protected stuff every day.

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    Fuming nitric acid or sulfuric acid 7865&authDecision=-203

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    this is probably one of the best works I seen on this subject

    even if it dates back to 2004, it is still IMHO ideal for a powerful introduction to this argument.
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