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Thread: IDA>Edit>Patch Program

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    IDA>Edit>Patch Program

    Sup, I have this working along with PEUtils. Are those only ways to edit something(patch) via IDA Pro ..? I saw that IDA 5.5 is the only version with HEX editor ... someone told me that there were bunch of plugins for this editing ... anyone knows some?

    c ya.

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    Apparently you also have ignored the BIG RED LETTERS at the top of the Forums and have not read our Rules. One of them is that you are supposed to do your own "homework" by searching the net and here for information that you are seeking.

    It's time for you to actually begin to learn how to search. Try entering something like "ida edit patch" (without the quotes) into your favorite search engine and then read some of what you find. You could also try seperately with something like "ida edit" and/or "ida patch" (again without the quotes). At the moment you just appear too lazy to do your own work.

    Among the answers you will find is to try using OllyDBG.


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    Did that already ... how you think I have come up with those 2 methods? Other methods if any are known only to experienced users so if anyone knows please write it down ...

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