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Thread: 64bit debugging

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    the debugger is pre-alpha which means a quite early stage in development.

    the readme will follow soon.

    windbg is not a requirement unless you want to have kernel access... for debugging applications you don't need to install it.

    i guess most likely you didn't attach to a process, else the commands should have worked or you are lucky to have found a bug

    (as for attaching you do ctrl-a -> then select a process using the cursor keys, press enter and you'll see if the process of attaching succeeds or not)

    the log should look sth like this

    UgDbg v0.1 Pre-Alpha build Jul 28 2009 15:54:14 by Someone
    UGDBG: using YASM, SDL, SDL_Draw, Libconfig, Distorm64 (1.7.30)
    UGDBG: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz
    UGDBG: CPU: x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10, Cores: 2
    UGDBG: KERNEL: access enabled
    UGDBG: trying to load 'C:\vs2003\UgDbgSvn\trunk\UgDbg_v0.1\Release\P...\sdk.dll'
    UGDBG: PLUGIN: DebugEvent handler installed for sdk.dll
    :set i3here on
    UGDBG: i3here=on
    UGDBG: executing file attach dialogue
    UGDBG: selected PID: c08
    UGDBG: trying to attach...
    UGDBG: Process got born with ID:c08
    UGDBG: Entrypoint : 00000000
    UGDBG: ImageBase : 00400000
    UGDBG: Thread got born with ID:198
    UGDBG: Thread got born with ID:c4c
    UGDBG: Thread got born with ID:c58
    UGDBG: Thread got born with ID:c5c
    UGDBG: Thread got born with ID:680
    UGDBG: breakpoint reached
    UGDBG: ntdll.dll has 1316 exports
    UGDBG: kernel32.dll has 951 exports
    UGDBG: advapi32.dll has 677 exports
    UGDBG: rpcrt4.dll has 514 exports
    UGDBG: msvcrt.dll has 830 exports
    UGDBG: gdi32.dll has 609 exports
    UGDBG: user32.dll has 732 exports
    UGDBG: shlwapi.dll has 314 exports
    UGDBG: ole32.dll has 339 exports
    UGDBG: imm32.dll has 133 exports
    UGDBG: lvprcinj.dll has 1 exports
    UGDBG: msctf.dll has 39 exports
    UGDBG: msctfime.ime has 30 exports
    UGDBG: oleaut32.dll has 398 exports
    UGDBG: version.dll has 14 exports
    UGDBG: msvcr90.dll has 1450 exports
    UGDBG: winmm.dll has 209 exports
    UGDBG: sorting export table entries
    UGDBG: sorting completed
    :u 401000
    001B:00401000 eb 10 JMP 401012
    001B:00401002 66 623a BOUND DI, [EDX]
    001B:00401005 43 INC EBX
    001B:00401006 2b2b SUB EBP, [EBX]
    001B:00401008 48 DEC EAX

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    Damd fine work so far, mate !

    I have x64 kernal access using your x64 edition on Windows 7 build 7600
    Everything I have tested seems to working OK.

    I cannot launch the x32 edition in the native x64 environment.. The execution aborts silently.

    I kinda want the x32 edition to run under native x64 OS :

    Or a (x64 -> x32 -> x64) mode-switch command in the x64 edition

    Keep up the spirit .. SICE and NTICE was god

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    hi thx for notifying but i had this issue addressed a few days ago, it's working but i think i didn't pack a release since the submission...

    regarding kernel access i'm currently trying to extend it to be able to also trace kernel code / crashdumps...

    anyway thx again for letting me know

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