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Thread: Getting to grips with IDA

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    Getting to grips with IDA

    Hi to everyone,
    Following Kayakers advice I'm trying to learn how to use IDA. I've started with TiGa's video lesson 1 but cant get it look like it does in the video.

    I'm using IDA Pro and when I start it up I dont get the icon that looks like a rubic cube, the graphical view does not look the same.
    Did not get the options to load different modules or specify image base.

    Having no wish to be bashed I have looked on the web and in the help pages in the prog but have not found the answer.

    If this is simply a difference between the standard version and the Pro version would I be better off learning on the standard version first?


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    what version # are you using?

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    Using (32Bit). I reset settings and now its just about like in the tut it asks me what segments I want to load and what the image base is etc. In the tut the graphical display it shows the two options from a conditional branch as red and green lines and when you click on these it takes you to that part of the code in the view A window. Mine does not do that.
    The graphical view just seems to run wingraph32 which displays the information with options for cartesian views and other views but its not interactive.

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    If I am correct, 4.7 did not include the debugger. I think TiGA used for his tuts 5.0 or above.

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    Thanks naides, I did notice a new version on the web site I'll give that a try.

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    Version 5 did the trick can now follow TiGa's video and it all works as it should.
    Thanks for the help.


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