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Thread: hello and crapkey skw patch??

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    hello and crapkey skw patch??

    Hi guys n gals,

    ive been working on crapkey for some time and eventually suceeded in generating keys and learned how to get masterkeys and such in olly and IDA.

    my main issue at the moment is trying to work out how you patch the site key generator program to allow you to gen codes for other companies??
    i can use ckinfo no problem as thats perfect for the job but id like to also get this supposidly unpacked version of SKG or SWK proggy to accept other keys.

    would be nice to use an interfaced program rather than trying to use command prompt and struggle to copy the data you need lol.

    im just after some pointers in a debbuger so i know what to change or patch!

    Many thanks and hopefully somebody will know what im getting at.


    EDIT: NVM i managed to get the info and make my own app to my specific requirements ;-)
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    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Hi..I am also interested in crapkey and was working on it for quite sometime...
    Which version of the crapkey were you using?
    You said that you managed to make your own app to your specific requirement...Am interested to know if it's something protected with the stealth and all, and if its version 7 of crapkey...
    Other than haggar's tutorial, there seems to be very few if any, tuts on UNPACKING the apps protected by version 7!

    Of course, it is trivial to REGISTER almost about ANY app (which I saw so far) protected by even the version 7 of crapkey. But what I am actually interested in is UNPACKING the app.

    It follows somewhat the procedure used to dump apps protected by Arma using the CC bits!

    EDIT: Please do NOT tell me ways of registering the SKW etc as I have managed to register it LONG ago so that it can give site keys for ANY app. Also please do NOT tell ways of registering apps. Already managed to register apps so that they NEVER EXPIRE... :-)

    Am working on unpackers for Crypkey ( for intellectual learning purposes of course :-) and not for illegally cracking or using software) and am interested if any can give me actual pointers etc in that direction for unpacking of version 6.5 and 7 stealth wrappers etc
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