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Thread: Need Dictionary Generator

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    Need Dictionary Generator


    Don't know if this is a valid here, but I need a dictionary generator that will generate text files for me containing all permutations and combination of letters( numbers, special characters, etc) I have entered.

    I would be primarily using this for a dictionary attack on zip archives.

    Can any soul point out to this?

    I had a software written in Delphi once that did that (not mine). But its gone with the dust of my old HDD.

    Yes, I did check the Collaborative Tools... Couldn't find it there.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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    Hi Aimless,

    The product you're thinking about is maybe(?) TPU (Therions Password Utility) - Yet that one is made in Borland Turbo Pascal and not Delphi.

    You can download it from - which is a great resource for these kind of tools...

    You'll be needing the tppatch fix to run a Turbo Pascal exe on any modern machines, which you can get at

    If thats not the one, there is plenty of other similar tools avaliable at that page doing what you want...

    If you want to do your own modern/integrated version might I suggest PCL avaliable from

    Best regards, Ed
    I promise that I have read the FAQ and tried to use the Search to answer my question.

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    Thank you.

    I did not get what I wanted there, but an offshoot of reading one of the text files there took me somewhere else where I got it.

    Have Phun
    Blame Microsoft, get l337 !!

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