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Thread: Can anyone identify this software and OS?

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    Can anyone identify this software and OS?

    Movie: Body of lies
    Scene: Where Russell Crowe is introduced, as he speaks in his house his computer records it.

    Question is, what software is that? Its a speech to text softy...

    In the second scene, where they show this properly, the OS looks all different. AND YET, the software has the Word 2003 toolbar look...

    So, can someone who's used this before tell me what this is? (I KNOW its not Dragon or IBM ViaVoice... I use them both)

    Plus heck, the OS looks all wonky... Like it were some LINUX variant.

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    When he speaks does it get displayed on the monitor?

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    Are we to assume it was actually working software, and not something "computer generated" after the fact??


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    First, its an ACTUAL software... as seen on the laptop... ANd its not computer generated...

    What's scary though is: I saw Resident Evil 5 - Degeneration. And Boy!! Does the military use the SAME OS as shown in this movie...

    This brings me to a couple of questions;

    1. Which OS are they using? The entire OS has a 'textual' feel to it, that is direct video rendering not GUI based.
    2. In real life, what OS does military laptops used in actual combat? I mean, for sure it MUST be crash resistant to a LARGE degree... imagine OS reboot needed when actual battle reports are being collected.. heh!

    So, can anyone here with military experience tell me which OS do the FIELD GUYS use on their military laptops (the kind that seem quite unbreakable) and a bonus would be if you can also tell me on an average what is the uptime of those OS-es

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    The "Hollywood Special Look-as-cool-as-possible OS"? I really wouldn't bet any money on that it is a real OS. Judging from statistics of the movies I've seen in my days, 10% or so use a real (i.e. real as in "existing") OSes.

    What makes you so sure its real just because you "saw it on the laptop"?
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    General in the field laptops the Army uses run XP.

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    Thanks Woodman...

    However, the reason I asked here is because GOOGLE (and I *have* googled before coming and posting this here) seems to throw up conflicting reports. At points, it says US ARMY is using MAC OS X (no, I am NOT kidding you), then LINUX (redhat enterprise desktop 5) and yes, it says Windows XP AND Windows NT (nope, not 2k servers etc...) hence the confusion.

    Thanks Delta

    However, the chances of them showing the SAME OS in two different movies is too much of a co-incidence (right down to the open windows placement!) Plus, its not even made by the same studio or director so you can cut some slack in that...

    MY guess is its a *NIX (linux OR Unix) variant...

    And really, I CANNOT imagine someone using WinXP in a war. That's like saying NASA Mission to Venus (after Mars) will be supported by VB (gulp!)

    Have Phun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
    That's like saying NASA Mission to Venus (after Mars) will be supported by VB (gulp!)
    Correct. Microsoft Venus Basic, written exclusively for the US Government at a cost of $3.5 trillion dollars.

    Estimated ship date is around the time $3.5 trillion dollars will buy you a cup of Starbuck's.

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    Thanks CluelessNoob... I could kiss you!

    Let me know when Microsoft finishes taking the beta from your source codebase and gets it into THEIR beta... heh!

    But seriously folks... its been a MASSIVE disappointment...

    Later in the film, I saw the full window including the controls... and its...(gasp!) WINDOWS VISTA (Russell laptop was prolly skinned... awww!)

    Have Phun
    (Man, what a letdown! All this bloody hooplah for nothing! bah!)
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    the software used is probably dragon naturally to the OS NT to Vista probably

    kind regards BanMe

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