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Thread: copy paste /assemble larger constructs

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    copy paste /assemble larger constructs

    Maybe i am blind, but i cannot find the feature.
    I've crafted this asm code which writes some data to a file and i want to put this in a codecave of an executable.
    its not much, maybe 30 lines of code but i also know i will be repeating this process many many times before the kinks are worked out .. so are there any other way to inject my code rather than assemble every codeline manually?

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    wow .. think i figured it out .

    1. get the binary upcodes via olly
    2. paste the binary upcodes via olly and make sure the number of bytes 'add up'.

    next question is, is these the upcodes/hex values i want to write via my loader with writeprocessmemory? (wrong forum-section?)

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    Yes, it is.

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