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Thread: [Tool] Ent 0.0.3

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    [Tool] Ent 0.0.3

    I've published my & j00ru's entropy measurement tool called Ent (version 0.0.3, still alpha, but works). One can read about it and download it (with source code, BSD-Style license) here:

    An article (blog post in fact) about how it works with some commented entropy charts can be read here:

    A sample chart generated by Ent:

    Btw, I wanted to add this tool to, however, I have no idea in what category to place it. Any idea?

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    Nice tool.

    I've created a suitable category for it and added it to the CRCETL, here:

    If you have a tool that you think there is no suitable category for in the CRCETL, please simply add it to the "Needs New Category" category (, and it will be taken care of.
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    Thank you dELTA ;>

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    interesting stuff, why don't you also allow output in csv form, or even incorporate a graph control like this:
    I have a greatly modified version of this control which also fixes a lot of memory leaks and adds some features. If you like I can give you the code..
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    I recently needed a tool like this. Very nice contribution! Looking foward for the future releases.

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